Targets for renewable energy uptake

Targets for renewable energy uptake

Policy targets for renewable energy exist in at least 66 countries worldwide. By 2007, at least 64 countries had a national target for renewable energy supply, including all 27 European Union countries.4 In addition to these 64 countries, 29 states of the USA and nine Canadian provinces have targets, although neither the United States nor Canada has a national target.
Most of the national targets are for shares of electricity production, typically 5–30 per cent, but ranging all the way from two per cent up to Austria’s target of 78 per cent of electricity from renewables by 2010. Other targets are for shares of total primary or final energy supply, specific installed capacity, or total amounts of energy production from renewables, including heat. Most targets aim for the 2010–12 timeframe, although an increasing number of targets now aim for 2020 and 2025, source British Council, report August 2008


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Our company is a system integrator in the field of renewable energy. Our team is there for you to tailor your energy needs (from hot water and electricity) to your home, your factory, your hotel or your compound by using natural, Green and renewable sources of energy (sun, wind, waves and more) that best suit your application and your budget.

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“Our hunger for energy is increasing day by day and therefore more CO2 emission and more damage to our grateful planet earth…the least we can do to save our environment is to be positive and proactive in relying on God’s renewable energy (sun, wind, waves, and more natural forces) instead of harmful sources (petrol, gas and the like) to generate our never ending need of energy”

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